Inspiring Trust and Building Commitment™


Inspiring Trust and Building Commitment (ITBC) presents a system for communicating and influencing based on proven methodologies for building productive relationships with internal customers.

Proven Carew methodologies are used to help participants:

  • Recognize the importance of approaching coworkers as internal customers.
  • Identify the unique needs, values and motivations of workplace peers.
  • Discover opportunities for creating alignment around common goals.
  • Influence the actions of peers through productive communication and commitment-generating presentations and proposals.
  • Create strong bonds by demonstrating cooperation with peers.
  • Reduce disagreements and eliminate barriers to success.
  • Increase productivity and job satisfaction among employees.

Inspiring Trust and Building Commitment (ITBC) is an employee development program designed to improve the communication skills and strategic focus necessary for building productive relationships within your organization. Often times, organizations are focused solely on the effectiveness of their sales and communications efforts to external customers, and don’t realize the cost and loss of productivity that result from a dysfunctional culture within the organization.

ITBC starts with an introduction of the “internal customer” concept and its importance to every member of the organization. This highly participatory workshop includes a variety of engaging activities, including lectures, group discussions, recorded role-plays and team exercises. Each ITBC program is customized to address the specific needs and challenges of your organization.


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