Selling with Social… for Sales Professionals™


Leverage Social Media to Find Customers and Help Them Find You!

Social media provides a portal to an infinite universe of leads and contacts; but we can’t effectively engage or sell to the universe. How can we sift through the crowd of millions to find the most qualified leads? How do we help them find us? Just as important, how do we then engage these individuals to build trust and credibility – all online?

Carew’s Selling with Social… for Sales Professionals (SSP) is a two-day workshop delivered by Mario Martinez, Jr. — a renowned sales and social selling expert and CEO/founder of Vengreso, the largest digital sales service provider globally.

This program teaches participants how to present themselves in social formats to attract buyers, dramatically grow their social network and, most importantly, find and engage the most relevant prospects for explosive growth in your sales pipeline. This is not about modest, incremental lead growth; selling with social media is a game changer!


Participants in Selling with Social for Sales Professionals will:

  • Take your digital profile from resume to a sales resource that attracts buyers
  • Leverage social media to find and engage high potential prospects
  • Grow your social network to create opportunity and strengthen relationships
  • Influence your network to take action
  • Turn social connection into tangible lead engagement
  • Create a competitive advantage and ensure buyers think of you first

* PLEASE NOTE – Program Requirements

  • Lap top computer – This is a very hands-on learning experience and participants will be working on their own laptops throughout the program.
  • LinkedIn Premium account
  • Twitter account is recommended

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