Dimensions of Professional Selling


The industry standard for developing exceptional sales skills, and Carew International’s most popular professional sales training program, Dimensions of Professional Selling (DPS) is designed to dramatically improve the planning, communication, and selling skills necessary to boost closing rates and strengthen current business relationships. DPS sales training is a customized and strategic approach to help meet your organization’s specific challenges, opportunities, and competitive reality.



DPS consists of nine modules delivered in a dynamic workshop setting. The keys to Carew’s selling strategy are techniques that help you see business from your customers’ point-of-view in order to more efficiently identify their needs and value priorities. The result produces on-target solutions and a customer understanding that moves prospects to lifetime customers more quickly and with much greater frequency.

This highly interactive program features a variety of learning strategies, including high-impact lectures, group exercises and discussions, recorded role-plays, structured competitions, and other hands-on events that make for a productive and memorable experience.

  • See your product from your customer’s point of view
  • Learn to handle customer objections with Carew’s LAER™ Bonding Process
  • Increases your sales planning effectiveness
  • Provides real-world training experience through dynamic and interactive group exercises
  • Learn to diagnose customer needs with Carew’s Exploratory Process™
  • Meet your specific professional sales training needs and goals with customizable instruction
  • Deliver winning sales presentations with the Diamond Presentation Process™
  • Increase closed sales by strengthening relationships

” …Carew has helped our sales team develop a common sales language and improve selling skills, which has generated a professional, well-trained sales force.  I recommend Carew DPS sales training to any company that’s serious about growing sales.”

Houston Staton
VP, Sales and Business Development
Southern States Cooperative


Take the Lead

  • Discover the traits that create dominant sales professionals and the critical attributes and competencies that are essential for sales success.
  • Learn about the relationship resiliency that comes from Preferred Position and how to honestly diagnose your present position within a customer’s enterprise.

Invest in the Relationship

  • Learn to develop trust, credibility, and rapport with others to quickly develop prospects into committed customers through tested relationship-building skills.
  • Discover why seemingly “no-lose” proposals to your customers are not adopted. Learn tools to be customer centric to make sure that each recommendation you present satisfies your customers’ needs.
  • Find out how to recognize and eliminate communication barriers that compromise your intended message.
  • Learn to effectively handle customer objections, diffuse customer anger and overcome resistance to commit to the sale with Carew’s LAER Bonding Process™.
  • Adopt techniques to help you identify customer needs from their perspectives and clarify their points of value more efficiently.
  • Learn tools and strategies for building secure, long-term relationships through excellence in communication and how the use of this process model can be used to effectively handle objections, diffuse difficult situations and eliminate conflict and unnecessary concessions.

Get Organized

  • Every customer has unique personal and business needs. Identify four key personality orientations and how to adjust your approach to best interact with them.
  • Learn to develop specific account-based objectives, strategies, and tactics that tie sales and market share goals with customer needs. Incorporate learning about the individual orientations to make successes more predictable.

Find the Area of Opportunity

  • Learn how a disciplined and flexible course of action positions you to determine the existing customer needs (Gaps), and helps you identify actionable steps to help them close those Gaps.
  • Learn Carew’s Exploratory Process Model™ to diagnose customer needs, uncover customer opportunities and differentiate your value against your competitors.
  • Discover how you can create opportunities with prospects who say they are 100% satisfied with their current suppliers, and create the strategic advantage over your competitors.

Present with a Purpose

  • Avoid a “solutions dump” that overwhelms the customer by targeting the benefits that deliver the value they seek in their business reality.
  • Understand why it is important to distinguish between Features, Advantages, and Benefits and how to determine the key components of a customer solution or value proposition.
  • Learn Carew’s Diamond Presentation Process™ for making high-impact proposal presentations that get results and close more sales.

Make the Customer Part of the Solution

  • Create an enthusiastic and receptive environment for your proposal presentations, whether they are one-on-one or to a large group.
  • Engage your customer and learn how to read his or her interest and buy-in, as well as handle objections and questions flawlessly on-the-fly.

Close for Results

  • Learn six different closing techniques and apply them for results.
  • Never leave a sales call wondering what’s next.

Assume the Responsibility

  • Balance gaining information and presenting solutions.
  • Develop a Strategic Selling Plan and a Sales Call Plan.
  • Establish plans based on current account situations.

Become the Only Choice

  • Understand your personal “customer interaction style” and how well you balance position-building behaviors.
  • Learn strategies for creating a dynamic relationship with your customers, which will enable you to grow together profitably.
  • Rev up your creative juices as you learn how to introduce innovation and originality into your customer relationships to maintain differentiation.

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