Selling with Social… for Sales Leaders™


Social media, social networks and social selling seem to be everywhere and everyone is talking about them… but can these really be used to drive sales? ABSOLUTLEY! In reality, social media is a revolutionary, game-changing and incredibly powerful selling tool. The vast majority of sales leaders aren’t leveraging social media because they don’t know how… or even where to begin. Social networks provide a portal to a universe of leads and contacts, but it is also overwhelming and confusing if you and your sales team don’t have the right skills and insights to make it work for you. As sales leaders, the last thing we want is our reps wasting time on “tweets,” “likes” or “shares” instead of selling. But what if this is selling?

Unleash the Power of Social Media to Drive Dramatic Growth for Your Sales Team!

Carew’s Selling with Social… for Sales Leaders (SSL) is a one-day workshop delivered by Mario Martinez, Jr. — a renowned sales and social selling expert and CEO/founder of Vengreso, the largest digital sales service provider globally.

This is not about modest incremental sales growth…selling with social media is a game changer, and sales leaders who effectively deploy it will have an immediate competitive advantage.

The program demonstrates the power of social networks and their potential impact for sales leaders, individual sales professionals and across your entire sales team. We will help you see what message your digital brand, and your team’s digital brand, screams out to your buyers and how your message affects talent recruitment, brand building and lead generation. Discover the current state of your modern buyer and how a lack of personalized outreach is undermining your efforts.

Sales leaders will also learn how to engage differently with decision makers, thought leaders and relevant groups, and mine the competition to find new opportunities that your reps are missing. Last, but not least, we will take you through the phases of implementing a social selling program and identify essential tools that you’ll need along the way.

Participants in Selling with Social for Sales Leaders will:

  1. Understand how social media can drive dramatic sales growth
  2. Discover the path to social leadership
  3. Grow your digital network to create opportunity, strengthen relationships and accelerate sales
  4. Cut through the noise and achieve a response rate 200-300% higher than traditional methodologies
  5. Learn to drive adoption and measure results
  6. Create a competitive advantage for your sales team

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