Results-Producing Leadership


Successful leadership is best judged not by the performance of the leader, but by the performance of their team. The Results-Producing Leadership (RPL) workshop is designed to transform business managers into effective leaders, equipping participants with proven tools and methodologies for maximizing the potential of every person on their team. Participants learn how to motivate their team, create an environment for success, get the most out of individual and team temperaments and talent, manage performance and foster professional development among their staff.

The RPL leadership training program empowers managers with specific tools and processes to:

  • Assess needs
  • Diagnose performance issues
  • Solve problems
  • Eliminate barriers
  • Motivate and inspire team members

RPL participants learn to distinguish roadblocks to performance using Carew’s problem solving model and the “developmental strategy toolkit.” These tools allow leaders to provide team members with prescriptive and actionable feedback to make effective changes.

This participatory program utilizes a variety of learning strategies, including high-energy lectures, group exercises and discussions, role-plays, hands on projects and a host of events that make for an impactful and memorable experience. Each RPL leadership training program can be customized to address the specific needs and challenges of your organization. The result will be an energized team working in alignment to achieve team business goals.


Creating an Environment of Success

The workshop begins with an understanding of the components of job performance that combine to equip and support professionals to achieve maximum productivity as soon as possible. Have you created an environment for success? Are you spending your time in the “right places?”


Managing the Work

There is a psychological contract that exists between companies and their employees that affects performance, commitment, and motivation. Make better hiring decisions and understand the sales leader’s role in managing objectives and specific activities. Develop motivation plans based on standards and expectations. Learn and implement an analytical process to determine how to improve team members’ expected results.


Inspire Maximum Performance

You will identify your individual temperament/talent style and learn how to leverage your personal strengths to maximize your impact on the performance of your team. Leaders profile themselves and discover how to identify the style and strengths of their individual team members, and how to effectively communicate, motivate, and utilize their team based on individual and group characteristics.


Assessing Performance Levels

The ability to speed any professional’s development from Novice to Master will have a dramatic impact on your team’s productivity and bottom line. Learn about the Performance Continuum as an assessment and developmental planning tool. Identify knowledge, skills, attributes, and contributions across job families. Acquire an essential time management tool to determine where to invest your developmental time with your team members for the greatest productivity return.


Take the Initiative

Successful leadership is not a question of how much you know, but rather how well you execute. Learn to diagnose a sales professional’s willingness & ability to perform against expectations. Understand when to direct, observe, coach, counsel, intervene, and collaborate. Recognize, intercept, and reverse unacceptable performance and ignite the fire within good performers using the results-producing models. Craft development plans to spur performance improvements.


Convert Problems to Opportunities

Many problems are purely perceptual, but dealing with problems can rapidly consume the time of a leader. Involving your people in the problem-solving process can have many benefits. Learn to prevent problem re-occurrences. Save time by avoiding upward delegation and improve customer satisfaction through responsiveness.


Prescriptive and Actionable Feedback

Close the loop on developmental sessions by providing specific, prescriptive and actionable feedback to team members that will help them to improve their performance. Develop SMART feedback focused on behavior to detail desired performance. Retool current performance assessment forms to provide clearer, more actionable feedback.


Putting it All Together

Through the use of realistic scenarios, you’ll choose the response to address performance deficiencies using the Problem-Solving model and Coaching and/or Counseling Model in role-plays. At the conclusion of this element, participating leaders will profile two individuals on their team and develop individualized action plans using SMART feedback. Expedite the skill acquisition process when you learn how to prepare for a coaching session and your role as leader in various coaching scenarios. Engage team members in productive ways of “out-of-balance” relationships where individuals may perceive imbalance when they have more tenure or work years experience than their manager.


Leadership Through Results Planning

The leadership training program is brought to closure through a brief recap of the key management strategies. Learn about the prescriptive resources available to you to speed performance improvement. Commit to specific implementation plans for your team.

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